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December 7, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Meadowood Residents!!! Last week we announced the invoices were ready to be emailed out. Just some FYIs for everyone. If you haven’t said how you will be paying, I usually send them out locked from paying electronically. Some people may not know how they want to pay yet. No problem at all. No pressure. But if you do try to make a payment electronically, contact us and I will fix it for you. If you told me you will be paying electronically and I have locked you from paying, I sincerely apologize. Just let me know and I’ll unlock it. My computer is old. Sometimes there is a lot of clicking to make sure I have entered everything correctly, but thank you for being patient with me. I have also set up automatic email reminders sent out. If you receive too many or any after you have paid, please let me know. Just remember, if you receive a digital invoice, you DO NOT have to pay electronically. You can still send or drop off checks and money orders. There is just some extra online fees we must add to electronic payments. Thank you everyone that has paid already. Surprisingly we have quite a few! If you have paid already or requested an invoice by email, and we send you a paper copy, we apologize in advance. Just disregard.

The budget has been voted on and approved by the board. It is on the website for all to see. You must be registered and signed in to view it. I will not be sending it out for resident requests till the first of the year though. However, I will most likely refer any requests to the website. We encourage everyone to register on the website. Since it is there and it’s a tool we want to utilize often, we will not be sending it through mail this year. Mainly because of the cost of paper, envelopes, stamps and ink. We are trying to save MW as much money as we can. We would rather the money goes towards our beautification, than office supplies. Thank you everyone for helping make Meadowood Beautiful!

Eric Mejia
Meadowood HOA President

November 29, 2017

Invoices are ready to go for your 2018 HOA dues. We would like to send out as many digital invoices as possible. Just because you request a digital invoice, does not mean you have to pay electronically. Please also check your junk mail if you request a digital invoice and you haven't gotten anything in a day or so. You can still pay by mailing it to our address or dropping it in our mailbox. Plenty of reminders will be given on the facebook page from here till the due date of February 28, 2018.

If you are trying to make a payment of any sort, checks, money orders and electronic payments through our Wave App, are the only acceptable way of payment. Cash is not acceptable. Also be advised we cannot take payments through Paypal or the website. (These were old ways you can pay in the past, they have been disabled) We can send you a digital invoice through email for any payments. If you want to mail a payment, our address is:

Meadowood HOA
10 Woodchase Ct.
Phenix City, AL 36870

You can still drop payments in our lock box mailbox at above address. It is an empty lot. Do not be alarmed. We check the mailbox often. On the website rotating pictures, there are maps of the location and pictures of the mailbox. Please have it in an envelope with your NAME, ADDRESS and EMAIL for a receipt. We have had several checks and money orders with no Meadowood addresses on them. This makes it very hard to track who the payment came from. No payments of any kind will be accepted at a board members house.

The best and safest way to make a payment is through the Wave App. Please request digital invoices at [email protected]. This year you can pay with your checking account. It will only be a $1 fee to pay with your account. If you are worried in any way about a check with your routing and account number being in the mail or sitting in the mailbox, or a money order getting lost, this is the way to pay. If you prefer to pay with a debit or credit card, a $3.50 fee applies. When you request a digital invoice, please specify HOW you will pay (Your bank account, a card or just want a digital invoice). We will send it as soon as we can. After paying electronically, we have it on record right away after payment. We will email you a receipt as soon as we can.

If you request a digital invoice, we will not send a paper invoice to you (Hopefully). For all the people that don't request digital invoices, paper invoices will start being mailed out after the new year starts. And, we will attempt to send digital invoices to any addresses we have on file. February 28, 2018 is the final due date for all 2018 Dues. After that a $25 late fee will be applied. After April 1, 2018, unpaid dues will be sent to the Lee Co. Probate Office for liens to be processed. Court costs start at $40. After July 1, 2018 all liens will be sent to our HOA lawyer, for him to begin collections. His fees start at $50 up to and including foreclosure on you home. We have been very lenient with collecting dues in 2016 and 2017. We have taken overdue payments up to as late as the last week in November 2017. To much time has been spent by board members collecting dues that residents know they must pay. To better our neighborhood, our focuses should be elsewhere. We can no longer allow this much leniency in 2018. Please pay your dues on time. 

Receipts will only be emailed. So if you pay by check or money order, include your EMAIL address if you want a receipt.

Thank you all for making Meadowood such a wonderful place to live!