Welcome to the Meadowood Website

This website is for the Meadowood Homeowners' Association Inc. located in Phenix City Alabama.

You may register if you are either a homeowner or a renter! There are several other great pages available to registered users. Once registered, please check your profile's privacy preferences and choose if you'd like to be included in the Community Directory or not.

MW HOA Elections will take place between the following dates: 26 June 17 - 2 July 2017.

How to vote:
1.  Get a voting ballot from the mailbox located at 10 Woodchase CT, Phenix City, AL 36870.  Fill out the form and simply drop in the HOA mailbox at that location.

2.  If you are registered on the HOA website www.meadowooodsub.com a ballot will be emailed to you.  Simply fill out, scan and send to HOA email- [email protected] or drop in HOA mailbox (location above).

3.  Email the MW HOA at [email protected] and request a digital ballot.  You then have the option to print, fill out and drop in HOA mailbox, or fill out and email back directly to the MW HOA.

**All Residents that are written into the ballot will be screened, and confirmation of acceptance to be a board member will be confirmed.